Short Thoughts #001

I love how music can take you to another place.  For example, Ariana Grande is playing is this restaurant, so now I have to go eat an another restaurant.

  • hannahbee

    Dude….I liked all your family blogs and stuff, but I’m loving your new creative direction! Also, this post is hilarious…I, too, hate white guys with dreadlocks. I’ve been into that business for a long time…..they’ve gotta go.

  • Peter Hollingshead

    You’re just adding to the racist problem of our society and fallowing whatever you hear blindly. I’m a white guy, but more importantly I’m also a human. I have nice tight dreads and they are just as clean as your hair. I wash them every other day thoroughly, keep them moisturized and keep them rolled. And just because someone has dreads doesn’t mean they smoke cannabis or have any connections to rastafarianism. Germanic tribes in BC times are documented to have had dreads, thousands of years before documented rastafarianism. A hairstyle is a hairstyle, you just have a bad case of conformiosis with a side of arrogance and an overly judgmental attitude.

  • bakiwop

    goodness gracious me, you’re racist, arrogant, judgmental and conformist? i think peter forgot pretentious, classist, greenist and cotton candyist.

    perhaps he should have remembered you’re a humorist tongue-in-cheekist and a slight exaggerist for comedic effectist?

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